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04/11/2019 News

Total Supported Durable Access to Safe Drinking Water

Boreda woreda, Gamo Gofa Zone, SNNPR Region

Total the Group, in its Corporate Social Responsibility programs related to Human and social development actions, supported durable access to safe drinking water and sanitation project for the vulnerable population of Kacha Kalayo kebele, Boreda woreda - Gamo Gofa Zone – SNNPR.The objective of the project is to reduce poverty, promote durable development in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals and improve the sanitary conditions by proposing an access to potable water and basic sanitation facilities for rural communities of the Southern Region.

The project being submitted by Total Ethiopia and Inter Aid France was project implementer. Total Foundation supported Inter Aide France for the water project in the Scheme of “You act, we help!” Employee projects. With these support, 1722 remote families and 350 indirect beneficiaries have a permanent access to safe drinking water through the construction of 6 water points, as well as 2700 cattle heads.

During the past four years, Total Ethiopia and Total Foundation supported Inter Aide France over a half a million Birr and Euro 12,000 respectively to support durable access to safe drinking water and sanitation for the vulnerable populations of Mida Zalo kebele, Loma Wereda – Dawro zone. Total Ethiopia and Inter Aide agreed to construct water points in Mida Zalo kebele and completed the construction of six water points. With this support, 437 households or more than 4000 people are getting potable water service.