13/09/2018 News

Total Ethiopia completed the 1st phase used oil treatment plant project


Total Ethiopia completed the 1st phase used oil treatment plant project which is studied by Addis Ababa University Institute of technology.

Total Ethiopia and AAIT signed a partnership agreement to develop low-cost used oil treatment plant in Ethiopia on November 23, 2015. They are pleased to announce the successful completion of the first phase of the study and the completed document was handed over on October 27, 2016.

Total Ethiopia Managing director Lassina TOURE stated that, used oils collection, treatment and disposal is everyone's concern as these used oils have a direct impact on our own health and  environment.  The recent and significant increase to the number of vehicles and the expansion of many process industries have generated a vast amount of used oil in Ethiopia.  But there isn't a management strategy in place for this used oil. We must, therefore, formulate a comprehensive used oil management system to minimize the negative effects used oil creates in the environment, on health and to the detriment of all Ethiopians.  We will not only benefit from the proper utilization and disposal of used oil, but it can also become valuable resource to be reutilized in our communities. 

The study has three phases and Total Ethiopia with 50% cost share by the head office fully covered the cost of the project study of Phase One for AAIT to execute a study on appropriate and low-cost technology selection for used oil treatment plant in Ethiopia. The main objective of the first phase of the project is to assess the current used oil collection practice in Ethiopia, to formulate possible used oil collection strategies and characterization of used lubricating oil and laboratory testing of simple used oil recycling technologies.  The 2nd and 3rd phases of the study will involve all the stakeholders in the country.