20/09/2018 News

Total Ethiopia held Training organized for Garage/Workshop mechanics & Lube shop operators located in the place called Gofa & Kera area


The training program is organized to reach the highest garages and workshops concentrated area of the capital city Addis Ababa & this target group are influential to recommend lubricants to the end users.

The objective of this training is to enlighten frontline lube prescribers (Garage mechanics and kiosks) on the basic knowledge of lubrication, its range and on how to correctly recommend the right product to users. 

The topics covered during this training sessions were; Total Group & Total Ethiopia at a glance, lubricants main functions, formulations and classification, automotive lubricants & Total ranges of products.

As part of the digital initiatives Total Services application is introduced to the participants and Total Website contents and offerings are described to create an awareness.

Total Ethiopia is using training sessions as a venue for promotion and lubricant promotion leaflets are distributed & at the end of the training session coverall and overcoats were distributed for the Participants.