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The 1st  round Net work Lube promotion campaign for 2015  has started today on the 25th  of June 2015 at all A/A & selected up country stations with defined offer principle of lubes volume and giveaways.
25,000 leaflets 234 posters & banner are  distributed for the NW stations  detail of the offer principle and type of giveaways can be referred from the banner.
The campaign will have 90 Radio spots on Radio Sheger, Ethiopian National Radio 97.1 and on Radio Fana on prime news times and widely heard programs,( the detail of the schedule will be communicated by tomorrow); and will be on air on the National Ethiopian Radio during Addis automotive radio program which is sponsored by TESC.
This campaign is accompanied  by promotion hostesses, to facilitate the promotion campaign at Addis Ababa stations.

Enjoy the promotion and be fast not to miss the giveaways.

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