09/09/2018 News

Fuel Doctor

Total Ethiopia S.C has launched a mobile fuel quality Compliance check, “Fuel Doctor” as April, 2016. Fuel Doctor carries out surprise products quality check in Total Service Stations throughout the country.

The main objective is to safeguarding our customers against the malpractice of fuel adulteration; and ensures they are served with products that meet the standard specification.  

The commitment of Total Ethiopia S. C has been demonstrated through its different actions: 

  • Regular Training of operators of service station/commercial customer, 
  • Provide quick quality test equipments, 
  • Provide procedural guide/ manual of quality measurements, 
  • Regular visits/inspections of the service stations by marketing team, 
  • Clear contractual obligation and consequence management with station operators, 

Fuel Doctor is meant to boost the existing quality control network.

 What makes the Mobile Fuel Testing Service Unique?

  • First of its kind in Ethiopian oil Industry
  • Equipped with essential equipment and qualified person in petroleum chemistry 
  • Collect samples and perform basic fuel quality tests on site
  • Take samples for further laboratory analysis in case of non conformance of the basic tests.