28/08/2018 News

Djibouti Corridor Road Safety Awareness Campaign


Total Ethiopia, as part of its Road Safety Program, in collaboration with the Federal Road Transport Authority (FRTA) and partners launched Djibouti Corridor Road Safety Awareness Scale up Campaign Program on December 10, 2015 at Desalegn Hotel in Addis Ababa. Eighty participants drawn from FRTA, Total Ethiopia, Police commission, Public and Truck drivers Associations, Insurance, Cement and Beverage companies were attended the scale up campaign program.

The “Thirty days Djibouti Corridor Road Safety Awareness” Campaign for heavy truck drivers is a project which has been initiated by Total Ethiopia and the Federal Road Transport Authority to reduce the number of road transport accidents along the corridor. The project is fully supported by FRTA as it is in line with the Government’s agenda for curbing the trend of road transport accidents.        

Before the completion of the campaign on a large scale with dedicated resources, it was decided by Total Ethiopia in accordance with FRTA to implement a pilot campaign. This pilot campaign consisted in a training session of five consecutive days, from April 18, 2015 to April 22, 2015 at Ertale Hotel Awash Arba, 240 km from the capital.  It was attended by 533 heavy truck drivers using the corridor. The total cost of the project, Birr 247,000 was fully covered by Total Ethiopia. Then it was agreed by FRTA and Total Ethiopia to scale up the project to five selected locations      Road accident is a frequent cause of death in the world especially in Ethiopia where the problem is severe. The main causes of this high fatality rate are the lack of road safety education and favorable traffic conditions as well as speed. That’s the reason why Total Ethiopia has decided to show once again its commitment regarding road safety by presenting this “DJIBOUTI CORRIDOR ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS PROGRAM”.

More than fifteen media agencies (Radio, TV and News paper) attended and covered the program in their media.