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TOTAL developed the Total Quartz shop concept back in 2001. Now, the concept has developed and renamed as Total Quartz Auto Service (TQAS). TQAS is a concept of quick oil change center under TOTAL banners developed with local partners. Today, Total Group has more than 1,000 TQAS sites in Africa.

TQAS concept was wholly started in Total Ethiopia in 2017. Since 2017 Total Ethiopia has opened 52 TQAS sites, out of which 32 are in Addis Ababa & the remaining 20 are in upcountry. Total Ethiopia has invested more than 40 million Birr so far to date for the development of 52 TQAS Centers. The project has directly created more than 200 job opportunities throughout the country. In the coming five years (2020 -2024), 250 more TQAS sites will be opened in Ethiopia.

The main offers in a Total Quartz Auto Service site include:

1. Oil Change

  • Quick: Personalized service & no appointment needed.
  • Simple: Clearly displayed prices.
  • Attractive: Well designed, clean & organized workshop with a warm welcome for customers.
  • Professional: Trained TQAS staff, Lubricants & oil change, Safety checks & top-ups included.
  •  High Quality & Innovative Products: Quartz 9000 ENERGY 5W30, Rubia Tir7400 15W40, etc.

2. Other Auto-related Services & supply of goods:

Tire repair service and sales of auto supplies (parts, battery).

Oil provides essential protection for your car : lubricants ensure better engine performance and prevent wear and oxidation.

Better engine performance and protection against wear and corrosion. They reduce the risk of breakdown and prolong your engine's life.

Our professional mechanics will advise you in choosing the best lubricant for your car. Their recommendation is based on a range of criteria, including the car manufacturer's recommendations and your car's age, motorization, engine power, mileage and conditions of use.

From rallys to daily use, TOTAL develops lubricants that are adapted to the most demanding uses and designed for the most efficient engine technologies. Our lubricants meet international standards and are approved by leading car manufacturers. In addition, TOTAL has developped lubricants that reduce environmental impact and fuel consumption.