The 20th Great Ethiopian Run (GER)

The 20th Great Ethiopian Run (GER)

The 20th Great Ethiopian Run
The 2014 10 kilometers GER has taken place on Sunday November 23, 2014 that started  from   around Menelik Hospital  & ended  at a place called“ Janmeda “.

In this Ethiopian colorful running event, Total was a senior sponsor & located on the 7th kilometers in the running circuit called Abuare roundabout.

The two beautiful tents , flying banners,  inflatables with running iron man & Live DJ music has made the Total’s  spot the attraction of participating runners & the surrounding was further liven up by the participants chanting & dancing till end of the program.

5000 Lubricant & Abyssinia card and   1000 copies of  “ I am a safe PEDESTRIAN” brochures are distributed on the event.

Generally participants applauded Total’s presence in the circuit & admired its preparation.

For reference we gave you  selected pictures of the event and please send us the final version to avoid the issue of the disclaimer.

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