LPG: a reliable alternative to electricity for domestic use


Total Ethiopia markets LPG under the brand name TOTALGAZ: trusted, safe and reliable. It is available in cylinders and in bulk – for the industry.

LPG is the generic term for both Propane and Butane. It is versatile, fast, powerful, portable and safe. LPG finds useful application in the home for cooking, heating, drying, lighting and grilling. It provides you with an instant cooking flame as well as the correct amount of heat required and there is no power cut with LPG! Moreover, LPG helps to keep your kitchen clean, as it does not form any soot nor blacken your pan bottoms or kitchen ceiling.

LPG is a modern, affordable alternative to electricity. It is also a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy: it is non-toxic , clean-burning and non-pollutant to the atmosphere.

For Total Ethiopia , the safety of our stake holders (customers, neighbors, contractors and staff) is paramount. Similar concern is given to health, safety and environmental issues associated with our business and this is reflected in our Health, Safety and Environment Policy .

Supply Reliability

To increase Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) capacity, Total Ethiopia SC, is about to install two bulk LPG storage tanks (referred to as bullets in petroleum industry) at its new depot which is under construction at DUKEM. This will improve availability of bottled (Cylinders) and bulk LPG to consumers.